What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How You Can Feel Better?


Depression and mental health issues are significant challenges impacting large segments of the population. 

According to John Hopkins Medicine, one out of every four people suffers from depression and other mental conditions such as anxiety. These issues increase the chances of suicide and underscore the frequency of the problem in our society. 

African Americans are seeing an uptick in mental health issues in the last year, rising to 16.8% of this demographic. The pressures minorities face are greater, with the lack of opportunities and access to resources making things worse. 

You don’t have to go through life suffering from mental illness and can seek effective treatment using cognitive behavioral therapy. You will feel better and learn strategies to help you cope with the different challenges you face.  

What is this Approach?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works with a mental health professional such as a therapist in a relaxed setting. You discuss your problems, beliefs, and how negative thinking hurts the way you deal with your challenges. You are in a relaxed setting where you talk about your thoughts for various situations, and the therapist teaches you empowering ways of addressing these issues. Typically, this approach effectively deals with depression, PTSD, substance abuse, and eating disorders. 

Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy can help with our focus on treating depression, disorders, and PTSD. We understand what African Americans and other minorities are going through and will work with you to change how you see events unfolding in your life. Don’t suffer needlessly all alone, and seek out the assistance of a trained professional to help you feel better. 

How Can You Feel Better?

CBT is raising cognitive awareness by talking about situations, thoughts, and how you react. Sometimes, things are uncomfortable by discussing these feelings and how to address similar challenges in the future. 

However, the goal is not to make you feel bad or relive adverse events, but to look at how negative beliefs are influencing your life. 

The way we react to situations has everything to do with our thoughts and interpretation of events. Shifting your perspective to positive ones gives you more control and a sense of peace. You don’t see the world so negatively and react better when challenges arise in your life.

As an African American, you can change your life for the better by working with Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy. Many things are happening that you might not like, but you can control them by changing your perspectives. 

The Steps

CBT uses a series of steps that examine your thoughts, the influence on your behavior, and your life. We use a four-step approach to put things into perspective and change how you see the world around you.


Identification looks at situations in your life that are causing you stress and contributing to your problems. These include divorce, social issues, anger, hopelessness, resentment, medical conditions, substance abuse, and how you feel about them. 


We talk about how your thoughts are creating problems and making things worse through your behavior. We look at what you are saying to yourself internally, your thoughts, interpretations, and reactions. 


How you react is often inaccurate and not reflecting the most empowering ways of dealing with these situations. We discuss what is happening and how these feelings make things worse for you. 


We teach you how to change your thinking, interrupt negative patterns, and shift your behavior for the better. Regardless of your situation, you have the control to adjust to how you see the world around you and your reactions to everything. 

Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy is at the cutting edge of treating your issues and giving you empowering tools. We focus on you and your issues to help you feel better and make positive changes in your life. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you to feel better by shifting your thinking and the way you react to events. Call Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy today at 415-524-8358, and let us show you that things can be different. 

We are working through Zoom meetings and will help you get through these troubling times in your life. Don’t try to handle things alone, by calling in a professional who can help you through these events.