African American Family Therapy That Gets Results

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What Is African American Family Therapy?


African American family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses culturally specific approaches to help families who are struggling with various issues. The therapist works to understand the unique dynamics within African American families and the impact of racism and poverty on these families. Using this understanding, the therapist can help the family members identify and address unhealthy dynamics and build on the family’s strengths. African American family therapy can be immensely helpful for families who are struggling with a wide range of issues, including:

  1. Poverty
  2. Racism
  3. Abuse or neglect
  4. Mental health issues
  5. Drug or alcohol addiction
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Parenting challenges

The goals of African American family therapy are often to help family members recognize and understand unhealthy dynamics within the family, identify how these issues affect each individual member of the family, and work toward resolving those problems by building upon the protective factors already present in the family. The therapist can use various approaches to accomplish these goals, including but not limited to:

  • Conversation and exploration of family dynamics.
  • Counseling and support for individuals affected by racism or poverty.
  • Development of justice-building skills.
  • Identification of strengths within the family.
  • Exploration of memories with meaning for the individual.

African American family therapy can be an invaluable tool for families affected by racism and/or poverty, as it can help them cope with their situation in a healthy manner. As long as the therapist understands the race-related challenges these families often face, they can be extremely helpful for all African American families.

How Does Family Psychotherapy Cater To The Unique Family Needs Of African American Black Families?


African American family therapists understand the dynamics specific to black families and use a tailored protocol to reach the deeper level where change is needed. This specialized approach is necessary due to the longer waitlists at psych hospitals for black patients with mental health problems. In many cases, black families must seek care from family therapists who understand and recognize this group’s enduring and collective strength to improve mental health and well-being.

The power of family therapy, shown across multiple studies, is effective for various disorders, especially for black American families. It can help resolve depression, anxiety issues, eating disorders, substance abuse problems, and marital strife. Family therapy can also improve communication within the family unit and help build a support system for black Americans struggling with mental health issues.

One of the main goals of family psychotherapy is to help individuals feel safe and supported to communicate their concerns and feelings openly. Family psychotherapy is especially important for black Americans, who are often discriminated against in clinical settings, leading to mistrust between patient and provider. Many black patients fear their race may negatively influence how they are treated or diagnosed by providers who do not look like them.

When it comes to depression, family therapy is one of the best treatment modalities for this disorder. This type of care can help reduce the symptoms of depression, address dysfunctional family patterns that may contribute to depressive symptoms, and promote healthy family interactions. In a study of black Americans diagnosed with major depression, those who received family therapy showed significant improvement in their depressive symptoms after a time of treatment.

How Does An Online African American Family Therapy Consultation Change Your Life?


  1. It saves time and money to hold therapy online with a family therapist because it’s less expensive than in-person meetings. You can also schedule more sessions every week, so the therapy will last shorter than if you met in person. This way, you can work through your problems together as quickly as possible instead of having to wait for months on end to see results. 
  2. Online black family therapy is confidential, meaning no one else will find out what you share on the platform- not even people who do cyber surveillance or hacking! 
  3. African American therapists offer language advice on better communicating with someone from a different racial background if needed. 
  4. Mental Health Professionals rave about the convenience these services are for the African American family because appointments can be made without traveling to the office.

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