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ABOUT Reuben Burke

Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy

My name is Reuben Burke and I am an African American psychotherapist in Oakland and San Rafael who’s Black therapy practice focuses on Black couples therapy and marriage therapy for African Americans. In addition, I provide anxiety therapy for PTSD, and depression and anxiety for individuals from Richmond to San Francisco and across the USA.

As a caring therapist, sensitive to the unique needs of African American couples and individuals. I offer mental health treatments to help you and your partner navigate the challenges of your relationship using cognitive therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, narrative therapy, and family systems to develop a personalized treatment plan for your individual needs.

AMFT 100861

Why Choose Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy

Most experienced

The thousands of couples we counsel each year
prepare us to support the relationship that matters
most – yours.

Industry leading success

A top predictor of couples counseling success is the
skill of the therapist. Our experts help you exceed
your goals.

Specialized approach

We work from a positive, strengths-based approach
that is more effective for your relationship.

Your relationship matters

We want your relationship to succeed. We hold the hope for your relationship until you are ready to reclaim it.


Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy


Josephina S.
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I had a great session with Reuben. As this was my first time doing a couples counseling, he did an amazing job. The first 15 minute session, he was right away able to determine the problem and how the situation can be fixed. The second session, he educated me a lot about issues in my relationship that I did not even know existed. It was so rewarding to have him give me advices and ways I am able implement to fix my relationship. If I may need more assistance to better my relationship, I will definitely go back to him and recommend him to anyone that may have issue in their relationship. Thank you so much Reuben!
Teisha D.
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My fiancé and I just started working with Mr Reuben, but so far we feel like he’s great at what he does. He is very responsive and listens to our needs, and very keen on meeting individualized goals. Really looking forward to continuing this journey.
Tiffany S.
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Great sessions. Really learning a lot. Has great listening skills and techniques to help you get through your situations.
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My husband and I had our very first session with Reuben last month and I must say this was life changing. He is straightforward, caring and patient. I'm looking forward for more sessions because I'm seeing great progress and effort from my husband. Thank you🙌
Alana F.
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Just did the onboarding process so far it was great very easy and straight forward! Reuben makes sure you have a smooth easy process! Looking forward to our sessions
Mario R.
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I am a new client going through the initial setup and on-boarding process. Thus far the on-boarding process has been solid.
La S.
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My husband and I had our first session with Reuben this evening and I must say I am quite pleased thus far. He is very professional and really listens to what you’re saying. I am looking forward to next weeks session and continuing on this journey with someone who can assist us in getting back to our happy place. See you next week. Thanks so much!
Sherry C.
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During a most difficult situation, I've been pleasantly surprised with the attention to detail, care and concern placed by Reuben. Thank you
Evonne W.
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Awesome, down to earth, caring, my session was life changing actually. He lovingly helped me see what I needed to change. My partner and I after one session are already making progress! More sessions to come, thank you Doc!
pro avatar DeMarcus W.
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Mr. Reuben is very attentive, he listens and knows how to connect with you as a person. The way he breaks things down, helps you to better understand what it is that you are going through and gives a solution that will help you get on the right track to conquer your problem head-on.
Kelvin B.
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Punctual and professional. He has provided a safe space for my husband and I to express ourselves. Would definitely reccomend.
Nikai G.
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Rueben is an excellent therapist. He has made me feel comfortable in every meeting that I have had with him and I have grown more confident in some of the work that I've brought him.
Gina G.
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Straight to the point, will be working with Ruben again!
Destoni v.
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For the few weeks we got to talk to him he’s outstanding. My husband and I feel we benefited very much from his sessions. If it weren’t for so much change happening at once we would’ve been able to get him. He’s a great addition
Robert A.
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Reuben Burke's has been nothing short of amazing for my girlfriend and I. He has been such a great help in every way possible. We appreciate him. Great man. Awesome Job .
Aqueelah B.
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This was our first session. So far so good.
Joyell R.
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Very comfortable environment
Martha P.
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Professional! Generous! Caring!
Royce M.
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Reuben has been responsive to Isaiah and Joshua during the past through years of their life. The young men relate to him because he is both professional, but revelant to where they are in life. We love Reuben and hope the best for him and his career!
Omar C.
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Ruben and I worked together at a time of a lot of loss in my life. I was having a hard time motivating myself to take small actions to move through my grief. Ruben never gave me the sense that I needed to do anything in particular to please him, and yet I found him to be completely present with everything I was going through, and also willing to honestly say what he was seeing. That presence and honesty was exactly the light I needed to be able to see more clearly the next steps that were before me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in finding a deeper sense of meaning and getting closer to their true purpose in life.We love Reuben and hope the best for him and his career!
Brian H.
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Ruben is a wonderful human who takes the time to really dig into the problem so it can be worked on and bettered


Black Minds Matter Psychotherapy

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